Welcome into the team !

We’re glad to present to you Daphné Schloesser, our new scientific project manager (CMS) within the team. We are very happy to welcome him for a period of 6 months with us. His role is transversal and allows fluidity in the functioning of the team.

Its missions are multiple and concern various themes :

  • Participate in the definition of scientific protocols for the new monitoring defined in the 2020-2029 management plan and ensure a watch as to their correct application and / or their relevance, in particular in the fields of species biology (fauna and flora) and the impact of climate change on natural environments,
  • Carry out and promote statistical analyzes of data resulting from the monitoring carried out in the Nature Reserve (monitoring large carnivores, grouse, ungulates, botany, etc.),
  • Carry out the maps (GIS) and databases (attribute tables) associated with the results obtained for these monitoring,
  • Support for the definition and implementation of GIS projects for the Nature Reserve,
  • Finalization of the implementation of GeoNature (naturalist and scientific monitoring database) and associated tools in partnership with the Ecrins National Park,
  • Strengthen relationships / partnerships with structures / organizations / universities concerned by studies / scientific monitoring carried out in Nature Reserve,
  • Co-lead the meetings of the scientific council and the technical unit with a view to the proper application of the actions of the future management plan,
  • Monitor scientific studies conducted at national and or European level that may be of interest to the Nature Reserve and develop partnerships where appropriate.

But who better than Daphne to introduce herself ?

I am originally from Alsace, I grew up there and studied. I have always been passionate about nature. I did a bachelor’s degree in biology then, a master’s degree in ecophysiology and ethology specializing in the study of wild fauna. After my studies, I had the opportunity to join the National Nature Reserve of the Petite Camargue Alsacienne, first as civic service and then on the LIFE Natur’adapt project, for the adaptation of the management of the Reserve. natural to climate change. These experiences confirmed my desire to work for the protection of biodiversity and it is therefore with great pleasure that I join the RNN team of the Haute Chaîne du Jura as a scientific project manager. The geographical context linked to this Nature Reserve is fabulous! Besides the professional aspect, it will allow me to spend my free time also doing what I love: being outdoors, whether it is hiking, observing wildlife or taking photographs.