The raid resumes!

Action to raise awareness of herds and guard dogs in the mountain pastures of the Haute Chaîne du Jura

As part of the National Action Plan (PNA) Loup, work has been carried out by the “Loup group” of “Natural Reserves of France” (RNF), in order to develop, in conjunction with the Ministry of Ecological Transition, specific actions on the nature reserves concerned by the species.

Thus, and among the 7 actions selected and financed by the State, the National Nature Reserve of the Haute Chaîne du Jura (RNNHCJ), which is part of this “RNF wolf group”, has in particular set up at the end of June, action 4 “Mediation and raising awareness of guard dogs”.

For the latter, the RNNHCJ has chosen to assign 6 local mid-mountain guides (AMM) and in complete harmony with the regulations and operation of the Nature Reserve, to ensure awareness days (“marauding” actions ) with mountain users, especially hikers.

These AMMs have the mission of informing during this summer (27 days distributed between June 26th and September 3rd) those who practice hiking or any other activity, on the good behavior to adopt in alpine pastures with respect to cattle and protection dogs in particular, as well as explaining their role. The objective is to limit conflicts of use and incidents between users and herd protection dogs (patous type).

Three sectors are affected by the presence of patou dogs and sheep on the Haute Chaîne du Jura: the Crozat pasture, near the Col de la Faucille and the Curson pasture, under the Crêt de la Neige and the Grand Crêt, above Lelex.

This operation was also very well received and appreciated by the owners and breeders of these sites. Indeed, it is important to remember that the bad behavior of users vis-à-vis herds and/or guard dogs can have significant consequences on their work and on their animals.

If during your outing on the hiking trails (managed by Pays de Gex agglo, our manager) you come across one of these “marauders”, identifiable by a green flocked “Nature Reserve” armband, do not hesitate to go discuss with him/her to find out more about the subject! You will see they are passionate and fascinating people with an excellent knowledge of the territory.

Finally, it should be noted that other actions specific to the wolf and intended for professionals in the agricultural world are or will also be implemented in the coming weeks and may be the subject of future communication.

You will find the schedule of raiding days below (this schedule is subject to change depending on the weather):