Welcome to Guillaume our new civic service!

I am 20 years old and come from Chambéry in Savoie. I took a BTS in nature management and protection at Lons le Saunier. I am also a first aid tracker and trainee mountain guide.

Traveling the Savoyard Alps since I was very young and surveying the Jura for almost 3 years, working in the mountains has proven to be obvious to me. Seasonal for some time in a ski resort in winter, or as an animator in summer, I marvel each time at the fauna, flora and landscapes of our mountains. But I also observe their fragility and how vulnerable they are. The territory of the Haute Chaine du Jura is no exception, so it’s a real chance for me to join the Nature Reserve team and to be able to discover the missions of the different agents. I also aspire to one day work in a protected natural area.

In addition to my involvement in the day-to-day activities of the salaried team, my main missions will be to help identify and manage invasive alien plants, to contribute to the development of participatory science and to provide my assistance in the realization of a survey of locals.

I hope, through the mission of this civic service, to be able to work as much as possible for the protection and conservation of the biodiversity of the Haute-Chaîne du Jura RNN.