Natural Reserve Ambassadors

As part of the actions of the new Management Plan (2020-2029) of the Nature Reserve of the Haute Chaîne du Jura and with regard to the key success factor “territorial anchoring”, we have recently developed and finalized a partnership with two high-level athletes playing, now the role of ambassadors for the Nature Reserve.

The choice of ambassadors is made according to the following criteria:

  • be a reference in his discipline,
  • be local and user of the Nature Reserve,
  • have a strong sensitivity to nature and its preservation,
  • understand and comply with the regulations in force in protected natural areas.

We are lucky to have two high-level Jura athletes from two different disciplines who meet the specific set of criteria and who accepted the challenge: Xavier Thévenard (trail) and Valentin Chauvin (cross-country skiing).


These two personalities combine remarkable sporting and human qualities and are also great lovers of the Jura and its wild nature.
That is why they are key messengers on the Jura massif and even beyond, for all those who practice outdoor activities.

Their voluntary and totally voluntary commitment as ambassadors of the Nature Reserve demonstrates that sport, training or competition, whatever the level, can be practiced in respect of natural environments.

The purpose of this partnership is to reconcile and associate in a joint action, the Haute Chaîne du Jura National Nature Reserve and the territory’s ambassadors to implement communication/awareness tools for the practice of sports and outdoor activities (APN) more respectful of natural spaces and especially those that are protected.

This work is conducted in conjunction with the PNR du Haut-Jura (partner of the RN on many topics/themes) so that the panel of ambassadors and the message carried by them go beyond the limits of the Nature Reserve alone.

Actions have already been carried out during 2021 and will continue in the coming years!