40 years of the network of nature reserves in France All committed by nature

In this year 2022, the network of nature reserves, federated by the association “Natural Reserves of France (RNF)”, marks a new point in its history. The 40 year old!

Born in 1982, from the will of a few managers and managers of natural areas, the network has evolved. Federated around a common policy and concerted trajectories, it has become organised, professionalized and developed. Today, 356 reserves make it up and nearly 700 people, passionate and exciting men and women, are members. We share ideas, tools, practices, experiences, scientific and technical skills. We are committed to the values ​​of mutual aid, solidarity and commitment. Together, we make every effort within the reserves to preserve the biological and geological heritage, manage natural spaces and pass on our knowledge to you during events open to all.

In this anniversary year, we invite you to several highlights:
– This fall, discover the magnificent work in honor of the women and men of the network. The opportunity to appreciate the photos taken by photographer Patrice Terraz in many metropolitan and overseas reserves.

– On October 15, 2022, meet us at the 40th Congress of the network in Haute-Savoie around the theme “Health, nature and well-being”. Conferences, exhibitions, meetings and many other surprises await you!

For more information, we invite you to read the press kit via the link below.