Biodiv’ : the Atlas of the National natural Reserve !

The Nature Reserve aims to develop participatory sciences. It is within this framework that a GeoNature atlas has been created.

This tool, developed in partnership with the Ecrins Natural Park, offers the general public access to the naturalist data of the Nature Reserve carried out within the framework of various scientific protocols or random observations.

This atlas makes it possible to search for a species and to consult its distribution on the territory of the Haute Chaîne du Jura in the form of a different grid according to the sensitivity of the species (grid of 5×5 km for the most sensitive species and of 1×1 km for the others).

In addition, a certain amount of information is provided, notably through a species sheet providing a description and elements on their ecology. Given the large number of species in the Nature Reserve, some of the sheets are still being prepared. It is also possible to consult the list of observed species by commune.

It should be noted that the observations are not the result of exhaustive inventories on the scale of the Nature Reserve. The absence of a species on certain grids is not necessarily synonymous with an absence in the field but may be due to an uneven survey effort.